Top Betting Sites in Nigeria 2021 | Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

So you have mastered your punting skills and are ready to earn some money, but can’t figure out the best betting platform in Nigeria to place your bets? Well in this article, you will find an updated list of the best betting sites in Nigeria in 2021. 

Finding the right betting platform, is highly pivotal in your course to making it via punting. No matter the strategy employed, be it pre-match or in-play, you could be let down by poor or sub-standard bookmakers.

Things To Look Out For When Selecting A Bookie

1. Reliability

This point cannot be overstated, as reliability is mitigating factor behind the popularity of soem bookmakers. There’s no feeling worse than when you realise all your thousands or maybe millions of winnings cannot be withdrawn because you wagered with a fraudulent bookie.

Some bookmakers have a bad reputation of withholding winnings, delaying payments, delivering only part partments or even closing down the account of a serial winner. These are bookmakers punters should endeavour to stay away from, as every fine work can be brought to futility in the snap of a finger.

2. Ease of Withdrawal

While some bookies can complete a withdrawal request instantly, most will take 24-hours but some employ the unsavoury practice of taking the lengthy duration of a week to grant clients access to their winnings. In this case, punters need to choose bookies that can complete a withdrawal within a maximum of 48-hours as you never know how badly you might need these funds.

In addition, it is understandable that some bookies require that clients utilise just one bank account while using their services for security reasons, but some bookies have gone as far as request identification cards or an official billing document to finalise withdrawals, which usually complicates a process meant to be seamless.

3. Number of Available Games

There’s always that feeling of dread when punters realise that the very game or match they have perfectly analysed and is a possible sure bet is not available on their bookmaker.

Punters should ensure that their bookies have a sizeable range of matches available, not only in top leagues but in obscure ones, as this tend to be where the sure bets as well as value bets live.

4. Good Odds

Poor odds are a total turnoff to any punter as it takes away the potential value of any stake, hereby, short-changing the punter.

Some bookmakers are known for having the highest odds in the market, but odds that are within a ±0.05 range of the best is ideal enough. Most times when the price on a particular market is low the opposing market is usually higher. For example, if the odd on an over 2.5 market is lower than average, that of the opposing under 2.5 will be higher than the average, balancing the value in this scenario.

With those specifications and criteria to look out for, these are the best betting sites in Nigeria in 2021.

Best Betting Sites In Nigeria


Betking is one of the newer bookmakers available, having launched in 2018. Yet they are one of the fastest growing in the country. The platform boasts Nigerian legend, Jay Jay Okocha, as its brand ambassador, which has skyrocketed its credibility status.

Pros Of Betking

• They cover every available pre-match game in the world.

• They have some of the better odds in the country.

• They have a legacy browser option, making it accessible on the most basic browser.

• They have a 100% welcome bonus offering

• They offer a cash out option.

Cons Of Betking

• Their live betting leaves much to be desired.


Nairabet is only superseded in popularity by Bet9ja and is founded by very accessible Nigerian politician, Akin Alabi. It passes the reliability test, as they have had just few complaints since their inception in 2009.

Pros Of Nairabet

• They have the best live betting system of any indigenous Nigerian betting platform.

• They have arguably the best odds in the country

• They have a large number of pre-match games available

• They offer a cash out option

• They offer a first bet bonus of 100%

Cons Of Nairabet

• They do not feature as many games as they used to, missing some lower leagues like England’s Professional Development.

• They do not have a legacy browser option


Another bookmaker endorsed by a Nigerian veteran and legend, this time in Arsenal great, Kanu Nwankwo, is Sportybet. Although they have been founded since 2013, they just recently came to the fore in the climaxing years of the last decade.

Pros Of Sportybet

• They have a legacy browser option.

• They have a first deposit bonus of 150%

• They allow deposit via USSD code

• They have a large number of pre-match games available

Cons Of Sportybet

• They have a limited available number of live games available

• They miss some lower leagues

• They do not have a clear cash out option available


The most popular betting site in Nigeria, Bet9ja, was founded in 2013 by Nigerian politician, Kunle Soname. It is regarded as the most reliable and most ubiquitous offline betting platform in the country.

Pros Of Bet9ja

• They have the largest cache of pre-match games available.

• They have a legacy browser option.

• They offer a 100% welcome bonus

• They have a cash out option

Cons Of Bet9ja

• Their odds are not competitive enough.

• Their live betting system is very limited.

So there you have it, the four best bookmakers and betting sites in Nigeria in 2021. There are other bookies who have shown promise, but do fall short of some of the top criteria to make the list.


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