Top Reasons To Bet On Soccer

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and one of the most heavily bet sports in the world, especially in Europe. There are many benefits to betting on soccer that I’ll highlight below. Whether you are new to betting on soccer or have been betting on the pitch for a while now, everyone can relate and reap the benefits of betting on soccer. Continue reading to find out why you should be betting on soccer. 

One of the main benefits of betting on soccer is that you can bet on pretty much any game around the world. Online sportsbooks and online casino sites have soccer games from around the world and over 100 leagues and divisions to bet on. You can find pretty much every professional game from every country. 

This is nice because you have many different games to choose from to bet on. I’ll you have to do is find the research and stats to make your picks because, with hundreds of games each day, there are definitely a fair share of locks and easy picks you just have to find. 

Upsets are Not as Common

Another benefit to betting on soccer is that trends tend to hold true, and upsets are usually not as common as in other sports. This means that data, trends, and research are much more important when it comes to betting on soccer versus other sports. 

Thankfully, there are many sites out there that have the records and stats for every team in every league across the world. It takes a keen eye to study the data and find winners, but any bettor can do it with a little bit of practice and commitment.  

Big Potential Payouts

A big reason people bet on soccer is the big payout potential. Since teams are able to tie in soccer, this means that odds for moneyline bets are higher and in the bettors’ favor due to there being an option to tie instead of one of the two teams having to win outright. 

If you can parlay together a few guaranteed winners at good odds, you can start to increase your bankroll by large amounts and start to up your unit amounts. There are also player props and game props that can be easy to predict using past match and league trends.

Lots of Excitement

Another nice benefit to betting on soccer is that the games are relatively short and commercial-free. It is a much better experience to watch a soccer game and get continuous action versus any other sport you would watch on tv, especially in the United States. 

The lack of timeouts and any real stoppage during halves makes it where your bet is always one goal or shot away from winning or becoming one step closer to winning. The quick games mean your money will be back into your account quickly if you win. 

A traditional soccer game takes around two hours total, whereas an American football game takes around 3.5 hours and is usually pushing the four-hour mark after you factor in official timeouts, coaches’ timeouts, commercials, and halftime. 

All Year-Long Games

A final benefit to betting on soccer is that there is constant year-round action all across the world. Unlike other sports that might be played during a specific season or set months, soccer is played all across the world, every day of the year. 

This means that there is no need to stop betting on soccer and take breaks during the off-season. There may be offseasons for soccer clubs and players, but there is no offseason for the soccer bettor. 

Make sure to factor in these benefits and perks of betting on soccer the next time you think about betting on sports. Not only is it usually more enjoyable and available to bet on soccer, but there are also huge profits to be made. 

Many bettors have been able to win big by betting on soccer by analyzing trends that tend to stay true over the course of a team and player’s season. For all of the benefits above, make sure to consider betting on soccer the next time you are thinking about betting on another sport like football or basketball. 

Not only will you enjoy it more, but your bank account may be sizably bigger after betting on the world’s most popular sport.