Hot Prediction Sites In The World In 2024

Hot prediction sites: Best Strategies in 2024

Looking for the hottest as well as hot prediction sites? look no further! There are many methods and strategies in football betting, but finding the right one to make those 100% hot predictions has been the bone of contention of most bettors.

Despite the overwhelming availability of statistics platforms available today, winnings seem to have gotten more difficult for the bank than ever.

So, rather than purely stats, we have combined it with another calculation algorithm, mathematics to make 100% sure football predictions as part of the hot prediction tips.

Sure, it’s easy to say that having a strategy is important in betting, but what makes a useful strategy and hot prediction guides? In various articles, we try to let you make that decision yourself, by providing some of the best and hottest / hot football prediction sites.

However, in this article, we have listed some of the most commonly used methods to bag 100% hot football predictions as well as hot prediction sites.

How to Make 100% hot Football Predictions

Here are the best strategies to employ to make 100% sure hot football predictions:

  1. Draw Strategy
  2. Multiple Bets
  3. Over/Under
  4. Martingale’s Strategy
  5. Asian handicap
  6. Proportional Betting

Draw Strategy

The tie strategy is especially interesting because the odds for this event are, as a rule, very high, so it doesn’t require big risks to provide good profits! However, the strategy requires some care to extract 100% hot predictions / sure football predictions.

First is the team choice. It is important not to choose either the favourite or the whipping boys of the championship. Usually, games between teams that are well balanced between attack and defence don’t usually cause great dangers, but only a deeper analysis of the situation will tell.

A good way to select the matches is through the “adoption” of a team that is in the middle of the table and consistently keeps betting on their tie while always studying the oppositions.

Another interesting point is to choose championships that are known for their number of draws. Italian Serie A is a good example.

Multiple Bets

One of the best ways to manipulate the odds in your favour (or in favour of your profits) is to make multiple bets.

Several bettors, especially the more recreational ones, implement these soccer betting strategies in order to turn several 100% sure football predictions that would generate low profits, such as 1.1, into more favourable quotes.

This is because when placing multiple or combined bets you only win if all your predictions are true and this is a bit complex to happen, especially in the world of football where a draw is a probability, it is not mandatory to have a winning team.

Therefore, we recommend a little caution and even look for a bookmaker that offers some kind of insurance, or promotion, where you can get your money back – in whole or in part.


This is one of the simplest bets among football betting strategies, so you can celebrate every goal, no matter which team.

To understand this strategy, it is necessary to understand how the numbers work:

  • Over 1.25: wins if there are 2 or more goals, if there is only 1, you only lose half of the bet;
  • Under 1.25: wins if there are no goals and if there is 1 goal half the bet is returned.
  • Above 1.5: wins if there are more than 2 goals in the match and games with less than this loses;
  • Below 1.5: wins up to 1 goal and loses with more than that.

The logic for the other values is the same (2.25; 2.5…)

Betting on the ‘over’ churns out 100% sure football predictions because you will be betting in favour of what soccer entails: goals.

Martingale’s Strategy

Martingale’s strategy is only suitable for those with very fine bankroll control, as it can easily go overboard, especially if you’re just starting out… It requires a lot of emotional control to apply it to your arsenal of football betting strategies.

It works like this:

You will double your bet whenever you lose. If you bet $10 and you weren’t happy with your guess, on the next one you will bet $20, then $40, $80 and so on until you win. The idea is that the profit will be high enough to cover the amount invested and still generate profit.

If associated with good odds, this strategy is one best method to make 100% sure football predictions.

It is possible to associate this technique with betting on draws, for example. That way you will always be able to count on interesting odds and draws are not an extremely rare event.

Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is also a great way to make 100% sure football predictions.

Simply put, you will give a certain team a digital advantage, making the odds of betting increase. Let’s say you have a lot of confidence that Chelsea will win by 2 goals against Arsenal.

In this case, you can bet on the Asian handicap market by – 1, so Chelsea starts with a disadvantage of -1 goal. Therefore, they will have to win by 2 or more for the prediction to win.

Proportional Betting

To make 100%  hot predictions as well as sure football predictions with this method, you need to stick to a percentage. The recommended minimum is 10%, which would see you use $100 of a $1000 total bankroll on the first bet.

Should the first bet be successful, you will take another 10% of your entire bankroll at $110 (10% of, in this case, $1100).

This way your winnings increase faster than with a fixed bet while ensuring that you slow down your loss.

This in our opinion is the most successful method to make 100% hot predictions as well as sure football Predictions, however, it guarantees nothing if your prediction is not topnotch.

However, it is also important you know that we are not giving you a full assurance that all the games posted on the website we will be mentioning will always turn out to be right because, in the game of prediction, nobody can totally predict every game.

However, these sites use statistics, player ratings, expert analysts and a lot more to evaluate and predict games.

Below we’ll look at some of the best options available online, and whether they’re free or paid services.

For the past year, prediction sites have been on the rise in popularity, especially in Asia where they are most active. 

These services allow players to bet money on different esports games and tournaments, and are very popular in China and South Korea, as well as other countries around the world.

 There are some issues with the prediction sites though, such as match-fixing and gambling addiction, that must be addressed before we can consider them safe and reliable.


Betensured is one of the most reliable and trusted  Hot prediction sites in the world because of its high level of accuracy when it comes to prediction.

One advantage of this site is that It’s not like most of these prediction market sites out there, some of which might be scams or fly-by-night operations. 

BetEnsured is an established brand with a solid user base and track record. They offer bets on everything from sports to entertainment to politics, giving you plenty of opportunities to show off your skills. Visit their site for more information and see how you can join today.

According to research, Betensured has been proven to be the top and most accurate betting website because it has a team of experts and statisticians who have experience in the football prediction game for over 7 years.

Please note that you do not have to make selections from their list of predictions, but it should give you a better idea of the type of bet you are considering. Options include the double chance, prediction of the minimum and maximum number of goals, the gambler’s choice, and so on.

2. WindrawWin

WindrawWin is another trusted  hot prediction site on our list and precisely the second best prediction site in the world after BetEnsured

In order to receive Windrawwin predictions, users must take care to purchase data on specific predictions, such as both teams scoring (BTS), getting a ‘GG and win combo’, the number of goals per game, number of corners, and so on.

On the website, the statistics for a given team detail aspects like its form, scoring, possession statistics, etc.

They have over 100 leagues and 20, 000 predictions in the NFL alone.


PredictZ is another community where you can get accurate preiction and tips, the site posts over 1000 predictions every day, on everything from news events to sports to entertainment and more. Predictions on PredictZ are for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered legal advice or relied upon for any purpose.

When you follow their statistical-based approach, you will find they’re one of the most accurate football prediction websites around.

Furthermore, you can check the probabilities for each match. Examples are given such as GG, Over/Under, Win or Draw, Half time-full time results, Draw no bet odds, and so on.

4. Futbol24

A well-known site, Futbol24 gives football predictions for matches all over Europe and it is one of the best in the aspect of hot games prediction, match analysis and a lot more. 

If you follow European football and have an account on Futbol24, it’s worth following them on Twitter as they post a lot of interesting predictions and tips there as well. 

With odds ranging from 1 to 10, Futbol24 can help gamblers bet both small and large amounts of money depending on their risk tolerance level.

the features include but are not limited to, full lists of football leagues in every country, live match information, lists of favorite matches, the competition, and the teams, game statistics, match analysis, and so on.

You can download the app on the google play store for android users and the apple store for IOS users by just searching for Futbol24 on the app.

5. Zulubet

Not still comfortable with the hot prediction sites we have listed above, then you should consider Zulubet which is also another good prediction site.

Betting is a pastime for millions of people all over the globe, and  Zulubet provides you with a platform that can help you win money from sports betting. 

If all you are looking for is football prediction and not other sports, then you should probably use Zulu be because they focus on only football prediction

They give predictions on major football leagues around the world such as the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and other popular leagues across the world.

Zulubet uses stats, team form, and the team’s previous meetings results in the league or any other competition to come up with their prediction.

6. Betgaranteed

7. SoloPredict

According to the information found on the Solopredict site,

 “It has been founded by a team of experts and programmers in November 2014. The mission of SoloPredict is to help predict upcoming events, its business model is focused on providing accurate predictions to customers, we are here 24/7 getting data and building up our database (in most cases using news information, official statements and other trustworthy sources) before publishing them as paid forecasts”.

Another popular soccer prediction site for gamblers in Nigeria is Solopredict.

However, it has elements similar to paid betting advice, such as the ability to pay up to $50 for a month’s worth of free tips, as well as free tips.

Unlike others who provide betting suggestions for all daily football matches, Solopredict focuses on a few games.

The fact that the games they anticipate are filtered out of a large number of daily football match lists makes it reliable because the emphasis is on these picks.

Normally it’s not possible to predict sports games with a high degree of accuracy. However, there are some services out there that give you nearly 50/50 chances when it comes to making predictions. 

In my experience, these are generally easier to win than they look due to overconfidence on both sides. Keep your head down and make smart picks to help your bankroll grow.

In summary, below is the list of the seven Hot Prediction sites / the top and hot prediction sites in the world.

  1. BetEnsured
  2. WindrawWin
  3. PredictZ
  4. Futbol24
  5. Zulubet
  6. Overlyzer
  7. SoloPredict.

Conclusion: Countless Markets to Make 100%  hot predictions and Sure Football Predictions

Football is a great sport to wager on because it is possible to explore the most diverse markets, all of them with their advantages and cons.

Making 100% sure football predictions is something quite challenging, however, it is a really interesting challenge for those who like a little excitement.

To help you conquer the betting market and really create robust soccer betting strategies, we at Mitrobe have created this and several other publications with valuable tips that you can apply in your daily life as a bettor.

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