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Looking profusely for the best football prediction sites to invest in? this is obviously the latest ranking of the  most accurate football prediction website in Nigeria for sure predicts today and tomorrow as the case may arise.

Even if you aren’t into football betting, you could be tempted to agree that football betting is one betting segment that has attracted thousands, if not millions, of punters.

Football betting is the activity of predicting football results and placing a wager on the outcome. Sports and football pundits  place their wagers either legally, through a bookmaker/sportsbook, or illegally through privately run sports enterprises. Sports/football betting is fun, adventurous and rewarding for those who have mastered the art of correct prediction, which for a lay man, is the ability to forecast or tell the result or outcome of a given sports event.

Some of the top prediction sites have tips provided by mathematical algorithm developed to better the calculations of the bookies. While others are supplied by expert human minds who have analysed the outcomes of matches in detailed scrutiny.

What  Really Determines The Best Football Prediction Sites in Nigeria 

Technology has made things easier for different sectors in the world, and the betting world is benefiting from it. There are numerous football predictions in the world whereby, football lovers are making huge gains by merely predicting matches.

It takes one who is knowledgeable to forecast the results of big matches. It is one thing to have the right odds that will yield good profits, and it is another thing to predict rightly to avoid loss.

Based on research, it is advised that pundits have to select matches with minimum odds to avoid losing their money, because the higher the odds, the higher the risk of losing money. The massive growth of internet sports betting has influenced the high rates of predictions.

One must have some techniques before they can make critical decisions on the football matches they want to play. The truth about the matter is it has nothing to do with either the person is a college graduate or not because they have to learn the rope to avoid blunders.

The major motive of these football prediction sites is to beat the other systems used by bookmakers for predictions, and also winning high profits. There have been various scenarios punters have lost money based on the reason of wrong calculations.

These football prediction sites offer valuable information to help punters to take calculated risks, and it is done by using a combination of matches with various odds. Presently, football is one of the most popular sports that is loved by various demographics, religions, beliefs, and ethnicity.

The era we are in right now is the time people are going crazy and becoming fanatics watching their favorite team play on a television screen. No one is good at forecasting because it is a 50/50 thing it is either you lose or win.

If you have been losing money in predicting the outcome of matches, you should consider yourself lucky in coming across this article because various football prediction sites will be shortlisted here. On the other hand, you need to have it at the back of your mind it is not 100 percent correct.

For any punter to be on a safer side, they should be careful with the number of odds they place in one ticket to avoid game losses. Some punters are familiar with a prediction site and know how to forecast with the number of odds they see on their website. One should stick to the prediction website that works best for him or her.

Is there any need for a Football Prediction Website?

Punters must have key information about any football match they have the interest to stake their money. For instance, if you are certain a weak team will be playing against a stronger team. You need to check the present form of both teams and their head-to-head history.

These prediction websites give quality information for punters free of charge, especially for those who can make maximum use of the information they see on the site. Using this method, one can be certain to some extent in making better football predictions.

What Makes a Good Prediction Site?

• To know if a prediction site is credible, the first thing you will find is a track record of their past predictions, as the earmarks of a fraudulent or shady site is the quick deletion of lost tips.

• Another important point is consistency. The best prediction sites out there provide tips, usually in bulk, at least once a day. This is regardless of the number of games available at a time.

• Thirdly, good prediction sites do not ask for payment outrightly in return for tips. If the tips are that certain, the suppliers themselves should be earning money of it and not the other way round. Although some of these sites have premium options, a free model must be available.

Benefits of  Football Betting

Foremost and maybe most importantly, sports/football betting presents you an avenue for extra cash. This is possible as #100 can accumulate a million or more or even larger sums depending on what events are staked.

Secondly, football betting presents you the opportunity to be analytical.

Thirdly, football betting makes one an unofficial pundit and gives room to have ego boosting, bragging rights. You could tell your friends, ‘I told you so’.

To get the needed accuracy and not throw money off as waste, one can take advantage of certain sites that have been created with the sole intentions of helping you make analysis, these sites make use of data analysis and machine algorithm techniques to evaluate events and predict possible outcomes. Examples of these sites include;,,, etc.

Benefits of Sport Betting Prediction sites

  1. Sports betting predictions sites take the stress of sitting down and analyzing events from you, thereby saving you time and possible money.
  2. Sport betting sites allow you a chance to see into the minds of other pundits who are more experienced and helps you dwell on their experiences.
  3. Sport betting sites reduces the rate of losses incurred over time as their predictions are most often times detailed, valid and well curated.
  4. These sites are beneficial even to novices in sport, for persons who are wanting to bet but have little or no knowledge about certain sports or events, these sites will be very helpful and aid their winnings.
  5. Sport betting sites makes sure you are victorious with your winning streak and not lose money while in a bid to make more money.
  6. The chances of losing a large sum of money become reduced to a certain extent because the punter will follow detailed information.
  7. Novice becomes informed with little or more knowledge on any kind of football matches.

Just like several other betting forms, football betting is generously associated with expert predictions. Prettily, hundreds and thousands of punters need such predictions in order to derive great value (on bets).

There can be a couple of approaches to the prediction of football matches. While some punters choose to rely on their intuition and personal knowledge, several others (particularly the shrewd ones) often depend on reliable football prediction sites.

If you belong to the category of football punters who always depend on prediction sites, chances are that you’ll want to learn more about such sites. Helpfully, this post, in one vein, will expose you to the essential criteria for choosing a football prediction site. In another vein, the post will show you the list of the top 5 football prediction sites you can bank on for the very best experience.

Bases for Selecting a Football Prediction Site

One thing that may cause you headache about football prediction sites is deciding which to choose from a truckload of options. Frankly, the Internet is home to a vast array of football prediction sites but it doesn’t go without the drawback of numerous unbefitting options.

If you’re dead bent on choosing only the befitting football prediction site without having to first deal with myriads of unbefitting options, you need to know the bases (criteria) for selecting the site.

To help you in that regard, here is a near-detailed discussion of the major criteria for selecting a football prediction site:

Likelihood of Regular Tips

If you’re sticking to a prediction site that releases tips weekly (rather than daily), you’re very unlikely to meet up with a good deal of action taking place on the markets. This, of course, is why you should only choose a site that is certain to offer football betting tips on a daily basis.

Before registering with a football prediction site, you’ve got to be sure of the site’s degree of regularity (in release betting tips). One way you can ascertain this degree is to keep yourself abreast of the site’s updates for a number of days.

Provision of Sportsbook Bonus Links

In efforts to make success with football betting, it’s very important that you have a good deal of expert-provided tips. However, it’s practically more important to have the links to online sportsbooks offering bonuses for the markets.

Admittedly, majority of the football prediction sites you’ll come across don’t offer betting tips along with links to sportsbook bonuses. This is really why you need to find out the football prediction sites that will offer you both. You’ll find a list of top football prediction sites later in this post and luckily, some of the sites will guarantee you both prediction tips and sportsbook bonus links.

Value of Odds with Respect to the Site’s Predictions

Getting regular prediction tips from a site isn’t just enough to make the site your priority football prediction site. It’s very possible that you end up with insufficient value (on bets) if you are opting for a site that predicts less valuable odds for the markets. If, for instance, you’re getting odds of 1.10 for the markets recommended by a particular football prediction site, it might be hard for you to make reasonable success in the end.

In summary, several key considerations are needed while selecting a football prediction site and one of such considerations is the value of the odds associated with the site.

History of Prediction Success

Not all the football prediction sites out there are worth your time and effort. Trying to finally choose a prediction site, you may want to trim down the huge list of options you’re likely to come across. In this case, it could be expedient that you have a flexible list of selection criteria with “history of prediction success” as one of such criteria.

Some punters may not consider it any significant but really, a site’s history of successful tips is something you may have to prioritize. If it would really annoy you to end up with a huge loss after having staked with real money, it is highly recommended that you incorporate “history of prediction success” into your selection criteria for any football prediction site.

Number of Available Markets

Access to various markets is undoubtedly one of the features you should prioritize in any given football prediction site. On the one hand, such access lets you have a flexible betting experience and on the other hand, you’re very likely to have valuable bets. This is because you wouldn’t have to stick to a particular bet which might not be the most valuable in the long run.

It isn’t far from the truth that your chances of pulling some valuable wagers are tied to your ability to access more (markets) than the usual moneyline markets. Therefore, it would be great that you consider the number of available markets as part of the chief reasons for choosing a particular football prediction site.


At one instance or the other, you’ll have to depend on football prediction sites.

The above assertion is true regardless of whether you’re a rookie or you belong to the guild of seasoned punters.

Admittedly, many bettors need the expert suggestions of top-notch prediction sites so that they can have successful bets again and again.

If you’re a bettor who specializes a lot in football betting, you’ll likely want to know the top football prediction sites with the most accurate tips you can ever get in the betting industry.

Helpfully, here are the 20 most accurate football prediction sites in 2021.

20 most accurate football prediction sites in 2021.


Betensured is considered the most reliable among the leading football prediction sites. There are a couple of reasons to substantiate the site’s reliability and one of them is its host of statisticians and other experts with a reasonable wealth of relevant experience.

On Betensured, you’re certain to get daily predictions on actual football matches. Interestingly, the site’s predictions are buttressed with stats and other essential data that could guarantee a high likelihood of accurate results.

Some of the predictions available on Betensured for football matches include GG, double chance, maximum number of goals and minimum number of goals. Frankly, football predictions on Betensured are so reliable that they help you make sound decisions regarding your bets.

Visit Bentensured here to start using their services


Betgaranteed is a top football prediction website that guarantees real football predictions on every market available. Every day of the week, betgaranteed team of expert analysts and statisticians are working tirelessly to guarantee daily returns on their stake.

Profit is betgaranteed watchword. They currently have various predictions for the low-stakes and high stakes. Predictions include double chance, chance mix, under 2.5 goals, straight winnings, GG and over 2.5 amongst others. Just try us at Betgaranteed and we won’t disappoint you.

Visit betgaranteed here


1960tips may not be your favourite football prediction site but the site does command a considerable amount of repute as the world’s most accurate football prediction site. Although this repute is a self-proclaimed assertion, it actually holds effect on several grounds, courtesy of the remarkable bet predictions the site is known for.

Frankly, 1960tips is one of the best football prediction sites you can bank on especially for its excellent prediction algorithm. On the one hand, the algorithm is built out of artificial intelligence and on the other hand, it guarantees a high likelihood of accurate results.

If experience constitutes your criteria for selecting football prediction sites, 1960tips is potentially a great match for you. By “experience”, it is meant that 1960tips has been in the industry for more than a decade and riding on the site’s expert predictions, you can make success with your football bets.

Visit 1960tips here


PredictZ is another football prediction site that offers you convincing statistics in relation to its predictions. Some of such statistics include current form, results from history and head-to-head statistics of the teams coming up against each other.

There are a decent number of prediction options on PredictZ and some of them include Over/Under, GG, Draw, Full-Time Results, Half-Time Results, Win or Draw.

Quite interestingly, PredictZ lets you access football tips on a daily basis and you can be sure of carving successful results out of the site’s predictions. Courtesy of the statistics-driven recommendations PredictZ offers, chances are that you’ll get reliable tips for each game you’re willing to stake on.

Visit and use their services by clicking here


This is another trustworthy site that provides expert suggestions which most bettors are looking for.

WinDrawWin avails you the benefit of accessing free trends, stats and recommendations that will boost your chances of predicting football results accurately.

Asides the assurance of reliable predictions, another interesting offer of WinDrawWin is market variety; there are more than a hundred football leagues from which you can select. Most importantly, WindrawWin lets you make sound decisions by furnishing you with guiding details such as possession stats, goals per game ratio, goal-scoring abilities and current form of football teams.

Like several other football prediction sites, WinDrawWin offers major prediction options including GG, both teams to score, number of corners, maximum number of goals and minimum number of goals.

Visit Windrawin today here


Most of the prediction sites in this post often provide prediction tips for daily football matches.

Solopredict, however, maintains a sort of diversion as it offers prediction tips only on specific matches. While some bettors would want to label this a downside, it’s actually advantageous as it enables the site to devote ample attention to the selected games and provide reliable predictions on them. Such predictions are essentially backed by relevant statistics and data.

Solopredict also offers a subscription plan targeted at bettors willing to access its premium football prediction tips. The plan lasts for a one-month period and is available at a cost of $50.

Check them out here

7. Victorspredict

Victorspredict provides you with a wide range of accurate predictions you can rely on. VictorsPredict is an online service that provides free football tips and predictions for football fans around the world, free analysis, latest results, league tables and many more.

Quite fascinatingly, Victorspredict lets you access football tips on a daily basis and you can be sure of carving successful results out of the site’s predictions. Courtesy of the statistics-driven recommendations Victorspredict offers, chances are that you’ll get reliable tips for each game you’re willing to stake on.

Visit and use their services by clicking here


This prediction site has been substantially lauded for its release of prediction tips backed by dependable statistics. If you’re a bettor prioritizing Statarea’s predictions for most of your bets, you’ll likely have excellent results over and over. This is because Statarea relies heavily on effective statistical tools in predicting match outcomes.

Also, visitors of the site can take advantage of votes to contribute to predictions. Visitors’ votes represent a portion of what Statarea eventually uses in determining winning probability.

Statarea was sometime labeled the best football prediction site of the year and while this acclaim may be tied to its excellent services, the site is certainly one of your destinations for accurate football predictions.

Visit Statarea here

9. Kingspredict

Kingspredict is an online administration and sport prediction site that strive hard everyday to  provides free football tips and predictions, free analysis  from over 30 league worldwide to its client and users. With kingspredict expert  football prediction  tips and services, users can Make maximum profits daily and  steadily. Generating millions for various punters is kingspredict watch word.

Visit kingspredict today by clicking here.


Aside from its exciting status as one of the football sites with accurate football predictions, Futbol24 does offer a pretty number of features. Some of Futbol24’s notable features are:

  • List of favourite matches
  • Match analysis
  • Game statistics
  • Live match information
  • List of leagues per country

To enhance bettors’ shots at having accurate results, Futbol24 provides a number of essential tools including Match Forecast, Game Table, Predicting Odds, Latest Matches Played, etc.

Also, ease of access is enhanced by the site’s provision of a mobile app. The app can be downloaded on iPhones and Android smartphones by bettors who intend to have a better shot at accessing its football predictions.

Kindly visit Futbol24 here to get started


Zulubet is likely one of the nicest options for you if you fancy placing bets on matches across major football leagues such as Serie A, UEFA Champions League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, La Liga, EPL, etc.

Zulubet bases its parameters (for predicting football matches) on current form, results of previous meetings and other key statistics. Frankly, Zulubet is well suited not only for English-speaking bettors but also for bettors speaking various other well-known languages. This is courtesy of the site’s multi-language support with over 20 languages.

Zulubet is a football-only site, meaning that the website deals exclusively with football predictions. On Zulubet, you’re bound to find reliable prediction tips for your desired football games across any of the earlier-stated leagues.

Visit Zulubet here to get started


Soccervista is another football-only prediction site as you’re certain to get prediction tips set aside exclusively for football matches. This prediction site has operated over the course of years and can guarantee you reliable tips. In fact, the establishment of the site dates back to 1999. This alone is some assurance that Soccervista is worth relying on for accurate prediction tips.

Besides furnishing you with helpful recommendations for your football predictions, Soccervista further boasts a number of exciting offers including “bet of the day”.

One of the added perks you’d like to know about Soccervista is the provided live scores feature which lets you have real-time updates of matches, i.e., you’re able to follow football matches as they happen.

To get started with soccervista, kindly click here


Dependable prediction tips are something football bettors will always crave. Essentially, SoccerPunter prides on its capability of delivering such tips. With SoccerPunter, bettors are in the position to get reliable predictions for games across a number of major competitions.

Some of the cool offerings SoccerPunter has got include arbitrage, live score and casino poker. If you belong to the guild of bettors who prioritize years of operation in choosing prediction sites, SoccerPunter is possibly something you shouldn’t shy away from.

To patronize soccerpunter, kindly visit by clicking here


You could be bent on accessing daily prediction tips on football matches. In that case, Betzodiac is a perfect fit for you as it offers daily first-hand information on tips generated from insiders across various leagues and clubs. Importantly, the site integrates algorithms with current trends and stats for the purpose of delivering dependable football predictions.

Pay a visit today by clicking here

15.Match plug

This site does offer some decent variety as users can access predictions cutting across matches in various competitions including NBA, NHL and NFL. Visiting Match plug, you’re bound to find dozens of expert recommendations on matches pertaining to the said competitions.

Visit match plug here to start using their soccer prediction services

16.Main Bet

Main Bet is an Australia-based football prediction site with decent offering of free-to-access betting tips. The site may not hold the huge amount of predictions you so desire but surely, you’ll get quality tips for the predictions available.

Visit main bet today by clicking here

17.Bet Gurus Home

Bet Gurus Home could be your destination if you really fancy hooking up with other bettors and discussing predictions with them. Interestingly, Bet Gurus Home does have a user prediction page which substantiates the latter assertion. In addition, the site ensures you get accurate predictions for the football matches you’re willing to bet on.

To visit and use their services, kindly click here

18.Confirm Bets

Are you in need of expert football predictions but cannot afford paying for them?

Verily, Confirm Bets is one of your best bets given that you’re bent on accessing free prediction tips. Touted as the “No 1 football prediction site for winners”, Confirm Bets is one of the prediction sites out there with reckonable history of successful predictions.

To find out more about their services, kindly visit here

19. Stakegains

Stakegains is one of the most accurate football prediction site online. When it comes to unlimited excitement, no other sport comes close to football in reality. But if you really want to experience a shot of pure adrenaline then try online betting on a football match. From touching the highs after a winning goal to feeling the lows of a disastrous red card – each moment is amplified and magnified at the same time when you have a bet riding on a soccer match.

Now there is no doubt that with so many variables, betting on sport is risky business. But with the right soccer prediction  platform, you can be sure of making your bets based on more than just your gut feeling.

Stakegains, one of the top soccer/football prediction sites on the World Wide Web, provides the most updated and well-researched football betting tips, winning goal predictions and soccer team picks to its members.

Stakegains is not a betting site, but it can help you keep your winning streak going strong with accurate, and current soccer predictions. And by current we mean you will get today’s soccer tips fresh off the ball.

Visit them today by clicking here


Betshoot is one the top notch football prediction site that is made up of tipsters who provide detailed match previews and betting tips. Betshoot currently offers monthly prizes to those who post the best betting predictions and tips, so they have an extra incentive to look for more good bets.

Although they are more oriented in football betting tips, some tipsters are focused on Tennis or Ice Hockey, while others specialize in the NBA & the NFL.

You can be sure that betshoot tipsters watch the news and know the sport they analyse, as there are strict and accurate in their choice.

Visit and patronize betshoot today by clicking here

21.Full-Time Predict

best football prediction site

The office of the football prediction site is located in Ikeja and it is one of the best websites for those who are passionate about betting their money to earn some cash. It will surprise you to know that those who are outside the shore of Nigeria are also staking on the site.

Full-time predict has numerous statistics on their website to help those who want to make different predictions such as home win, away win, draw, and many others. Another benefit of using the site is based on the fact they have extra information to know records of both teams.

So you have mastered your punting skills and are ready to earn some money, but can’t figure out the best betting platform in Nigeria to place your bets? Well in this article, you will find an updated list of the best betting sites in Nigeria in 2021.

Finding the right betting platform, is highly pivotal in your course to making it via punting. No matter the strategy employed, be it pre-match or in-play, you could be let down by poor or sub-standard bookmakers.

You can patronize them via here


Sport Verified

The football prediction website has both paid and free version for any punter who is eager to have updated information. They have a network team that can help to analyze football matches to offer awesome results using various predictions.

The site is known to give accurate football predictions and tips to help punters. The good thing is you don’t have to be a Pro in staking your money in any football match. For those who are conversant with the website, they have Sure 3, both teams to score, Sure 5, Combo, etc.

To get started with Sportverified, kindly click here


football prediction site in nigeria

It is one of the best football prediction websites that are popular amongst punters. The good thing about Safedraws is the fact they have various kinds of markets to help stakers predict different games such as over 1.5 goals, home to win, both teams to score, over 2.5 goals, etc.

Using the safe draws gives football gamblers the avenue to predict matches in over 40 leagues. The more you become familiar with the site, the more you know the football matches to stake money to be at minimum risk.

To get started kindly click here


It has a total number of 200 football leagues from day today. Besides, stakes could get football tips on weekends, Saturdays, and even on Sundays. In Tipena, several factors are taken into consideration when predicting football matches.

In Tipena, stakers have to be conscious about the matches they want to stake to avoid mistakes. They have one of the best odds compared to other prediction websites. If you are thinking of getting premium odds to earn more money you can bank on this site.

To get started, kindly click here


It is another prediction websites to help people who want to get tips to make good predictions. The major function of Surestakes is to offer pundits accurate football tips for over 20 leagues to maximize their chances of gaining more profits.

Surestakes are ready for those who are ready to follow the key principles to ensure they have about 95% predictions. There are other prediction markets to help those staking with a small amount of money.


In this prediction website, punters can make predictions on match scores, stake on games, and do other things. Another good thing about Surepredicts, their website has a good user-friendly interface. As long as the individual is a soccer lover, they will enjoy the various benefits that come with using the website.

27.Odd slot

It is one of the football prediction sites for football gamblers in Nigeria. The site gives free predictions for people to place bets with their money. Most of their predictions are correct.


Some punters prefer playing over 2.5 goals. If you are the type who is not conversant about teams or leagues that score many goals will lose their money. Some football leagues score over three goals. Besides, they offer predictions, free analysis, statistics, football form to punters.

To patronize their services kindly click here


It is another football prediction website that punters can try to stake their money. Stakers can make use of adibet to their advantage to ensure they have good odds to stake their money. If you after good statistics for any game you want to stake using Adibet is another option or football prediction sites to bank on.

Visit Adibet today via this link

Now guys, lets talk a little bit about few of the best bookmakers and some prominent and notable Betting Sites/companies in Nigeria. However, there are certain Things and requirements to look out for when selecting a Bookie. They include;

1. Reliability

This point cannot be overstated, as reliability is mitigating factor behind the popularity of soem bookmakers. There’s no feeling worse than when you realise all your thousands or maybe millions of winnings cannot be withdrawn because you wagered with a fraudulent bookie.

Some bookmakers have a bad reputation of withholding winnings, delaying payments, delivering only part partments or even closing down the account of a serial winner. These are bookmakers punters should endeavour to stay away from, as every fine work can be brought to futility in the snap of a finger.

2. Ease of Withdrawal

While some bookies can complete a withdrawal request instantly, most will take 24-hours but some employ the unsavoury practice of taking the lengthy duration of a week to grant clients access to their winnings. In this case, punters need to choose bookies that can complete a withdrawal within a maximum of 48-hours as you never know how badly you might need these funds.

In addition, it is understandable that some bookies require that clients utilise just one bank account while using their services for security reasons, but some bookies have gone as far as request identification cards or an official billing document to finalise withdrawals, which usually complicates a process meant to be seamless.

3. Number of Available Games

There’s always that feeling of dread when punters realise that the very game or match they have perfectly analysed and is a possible sure bet is not available on their bookmaker.

Punters should ensure that their bookies have a sizeable range of matches available, not only in top leagues but in obscure ones, as this tend to be where the sure bets as well as value bets live.

4. Good Odds

Poor odds are a total turnoff to any punter as it takes away the potential value of any stake, hereby, short-changing the punter.

Some bookmakers are known for having the highest odds in the market, but odds that are within a ±0.05 range of the best is ideal enough. Most times when the price on a particular market is low the opposing market is usually higher. For example, if the odd on an over 2.5 market is lower than average, that of the opposing under 2.5 will be higher than the average, balancing the value in this scenario.

With those specifications and criteria to look out for, these are the best betting sites/Companies in Nigeria in 2021.

Mitrobe Network 15 Sports Betting Sites/Companies In Nigeria 2021

More often than not, rookie bettors get confused while deciding the betting sites best suited for their online bets.

Such confusion, in one instance, may be due to the bettors’ inadequate knowledge of the best betting sites in their location. In another instance, rookie bettors may not know the key criteria for determining the reliability or quality of sports betting sites.

This post isn’t intended to educate bettors about those criteria but it is notable that the criteria include presence of sport varieties, a welcome bonus, reasonable odds, a user-oriented mobile application and assurance of fast payouts.

You may want to know the best betting sites in Nigeria and so, we have come up with a detailed list of the top 15 sports betting sites/companies in Nigeria (2021).



It’s never an overstatement that Bet9ja is Nigeria’s richest betting site. Owned by KC Gaming Networks Limited, Bet9ja is an authoritative site which, according to Alexa’s ranking, came behind Google in 2018 as the second most-visited website in Nigeria.

Bet9ja was launched in 2013 and frankly, it has long maintained an enviable stance among competitors in the Nigerian betting industry. Notably, it holds an edge over its competitors owing to several enticing features including mobile gaming, live bets, great odds and a good deal of promos.

A whole lot of sports options are available to registered users of Bet9ja. Verily, this avails users of the site the chance to bet on actions cutting across various sports.

Pros Of Bet9ja

• They have the largest cache of pre-match games available.

• They have a legacy browser option.

• They offer a 100% welcome bonus

• They have a cash out option

Cons Of Bet9ja

• Their odds are not competitive enough.

• Their live betting system is very limited.

Visit Bet9ja Today here


Sportybet in Nigeria – Bonus, offer and detail review of this platform in 2020 - ViewPointNigeria


SportyBet is undeniably one of Nigeria’s leading sports betting sites in terms of user base and quality of service. The site currently boasts more than 300,000 users, making it one of the most-visited sports betting sites in Nigeria.

SportyBet offers a reasonable number of benefits ranging from bonus winnings down to free bets (for users who’re able to refer others to the betting site). Moreover, SportyBet lets you enjoy a huge bonus offer on your first deposit. Interestingly, this offer is a 150% bonus that you get as a welcome bonus.

It’s unarguable that majority of bettors cherish the betting sites with awesome odds. Prettily, SportyBet fits into the guild of sports betting sites with such odds. For users to better enjoy their access of SportyBet, the site further offers a mobile app.

Pros Of Sportybet

• They have a legacy browser option.

• They have a first deposit bonus of 150%

• They allow deposit via USSD code

• They have a large number of pre-match games available

Cons Of Sportybet

• They have a limited available number of live games available

• They miss some lower leagues

• They do not have a clear cash out option available

Visit sportybet today here

3.Betway Nigeria

Betway Nigeria: Registration, Bonus, Login, Mobile App - Complete Sports

BetWay Nigeria is one of the most-visited betting sites in Nigeria, courtesy of its huge betting market which allows you to bet on numerous football events and leagues.

BetWay has remained the favourite of myriad football bettors. Asides offering lots of great odds, BetWay does guarantee a 50% welcome bonus which users enjoy after signing up with the betting site. Some of BetWay’s exciting features/offerings are soccer promos, free live streams and daily odd boosts.

If you’re a staunch lover of soccer betting, BetWay is likely one of the best betting sites for you.

Visit betway today here


How to play BetKing: registration, login, website vs. app ▷

A plethora of Nigerian bettors have developed a strong liking for this sports betting site. The reasons behind the strong liking include BetKing’s offer of live betting, excellent virtual games and an incredible mobile app.

Admirably, BetKing avails users the chance to play online games which come with a multiplier bonus. The bonus can range up to 170%.

In terms of sports variety, BetKing happens to live up to bettors’ expectations by courtesy of its sports categories which include basketball, hockey, cricket, tennis, football, etc.

BetKing has been widely lauded for its excellent odd accumulator bonus and many Nigerian punters prioritize the site for placing bets on virtual games. Some of BetKing’s virtual games include Kings’ League and Colour-colour.

Pros Of Betking

• They cover every available pre-match game in the world.

• They have some of the better odds in the country.

• They have a legacy browser option, making it accessible on the most basic browser.

• They have a 100% welcome bonus offering

• They offer a cash out option.

Cons Of Betking

• Their live betting leaves much to be desired.

Visit betking today here


Nairabet Registration: How To Open A Nairabet Account | GoalBall

It’s quite fascinating that in spite of the stiff competition among sports betting sites in Nigeria, the country’s oldest betting site remains a reckonable force.

NairaBet has survived heated competition from the other betting sites and interestingly, it remains one of Nigeria’s most-visited sites, courtesy of hundreds and thousands of bettors visiting the site daily.

Some of the features NairaBet supports include cash-outs, in-play betting and an always-responsive customer support service. Moreover, bonuses are given on users’ accumulated bets as well as initial deposits.

Besides its guaranty of fast payments (on successful bets), NairaBet’s other perks include a mobile app which makes betting much easier for bettors.

Pros Of Nairabet

• They have the best live betting system of any indigenous Nigerian betting platform.

• They have arguably the best odds in the country

• They have a large number of pre-match games available

• They offer a cash out option

• They offer a first bet bonus of 100%

Cons Of Nairabet

• They do not feature as many games as they used to, missing some lower leagues like England’s Professional Development.

• They do not have a legacy browser option

Visit Nairabet today here


22bet Online Sports Book And Casino Review - Great Signup Bonuses Too

22Bet is a high-performing betting site that has piqued the interest of numerous Nigerian punters. This is partly due to the site’s offering of top-quality features including fast payouts, HD streaming and excellent odds.

If you always prioritize the security of your betting transactions, 22Bet is certainly one of the befitting picks for you. Moreover, the site boasts a handful of other beneficial offers including 24/7 customer support, 1000+ daily events and a 100% welcome bonus.

You can be sure of convenience for every task you’re carrying out on 22Bet. This is so especially because 22Bet boasts a great user interface. Also, you’re certain to find a wide-ranging sports market from which you can select your preference.


BangBet Nigeria Registration, Sign up, Sign in, Login | -

BangBet is one of the most-visited sports betting sites not only in Nigeria but also in certain other African countries. The site lays claim to a good deal of incredible offers which include a user-oriented interface, random daily specials, fast payouts, highly responsive customer support service, season’s promos, etc.

There are several whopping benefits associated with BangBet membership and one of them is the 2000% deposit bonus. The membership benefits further include a welcome bonus of #2000, a free cash chest of #2,200 and Freebet of #250, among others.

In addition to the amazing offers tied to its membership, BangBet guarantees security for the personal data of its users.

Visit Bangbet today here


Pre-match bets - online sports betting ᐉ "1xBET" ᐉ

If you don’t seem to find some or any of the listed betting sites satisfactory (probably because they supported limited payment methods), 1xBet could be the perfect fit for you. On the one hand, 1xBet lets you use any of its multiple payment methods and on the other hand, payment with cryptocurrencies is supported on the site.

Observably, 1xBet is best suited for football bettors but this still doesn’t mean the betting site isn’t great for many other sports. Frankly, 1xBet supports 90+ sports, making it possible for users to select from a broad range of markets.

1xBet is vastly visited by punters on both web-based and mobile applications. In addition to the certainty of fast payouts, some of 1xBet’s great perks include excellent odds and 10,000+ monthly live streams.

Visit 1xbet today here


BetWinner Sign Up Offer (100€ Offered) & Bonus March 2021

This betting site is relatively new in the Nigerian betting industry. Despite its newness, BetWinner has garnered as many as 20, 000 punters and is likely to increase in user base.

BetWinner’s strengths are in the areas of market variety and versatile payment support. The site offers 55+ sporting events and guarantees users the ease of using any of its multiple deposit and payment options.

Courtesy of its great user interface, BetWinner can be smoothly perused by users on both PCs and smartphones. This user interface, coupled with certain other features, is what makes BetWinner a wave-making betting site.

While BetWinner further supports live betting, the betting site holds a Curacao license and its operation spans other countries including Portugal, India and Germany.

Visit betwinner today here


Merrybet - How To Sign Up? - Promo Codes, Cashout and LiveStream Available!

Merrybet is a well-known sports betting site among Nigerian punters who have lauded its great features such as fast payouts and a 100% first deposit bonus.

Users of Merrybet are guaranteed convenient withdrawals and deposits. If excellent odds and support of live matches constitute the features you prioritize in a sports betting company, MerryBet is certainly one of your best options.

Whether you’re depositing money or attempting to withdraw money after a successful bet, you can rest assured of an instant and hassle-free transaction.

Visit merrybet today here


Irokobet Review -

Irokobet is a trusted international bookmaker. This bookmaker happens to have joined the betting industry only recently but verily, it is giving competitors a run for their money.

If you’re a Nigerian bettor who suffered neglect from several betting sites especially while awaiting responses to your complaints, it’s suggested that you look in the way of Irokobet.

Irokobet offers a handful of excellent features including 10% live casino cash back, secure payment systems and a pretty selection of games.

You may not want to believe but it’s plainly true that Irokobet serves its customers in the best capacity. If you place online bets regularly, you may have noticed that many betting companies require you to tender a means of verification before you can make withdrawals. This is clearly a downside and Irokobet is your surest bet if you’re willing to save yourself the downside. In fact, the betting site lets you withdraw as much as #100,000 without providing any means of verification.

12.NaijaBet (@NaijaBet) | Twitter

This sports betting site is well suited for both live games and virtual games. In fact, the site supports virtual games for varying sports including archery, cycling, table tennis, football, harnessing, dashing and badminton.

NaijaBet doesn’t seem to have grown massively in Nigeria yet. However, it has been considered one of the new betting sites with promising future in the Nigerian betting industry.

If you’re willing to give a couple of new betting sites a trial, NaijaBet likely deserves a spot on your list of betting sites.


Melbet Register - Melbet Review - Melbet Login 2020

You may not have heard of Melbet before but this doesn’t erase the fact that it is one of Africa’s long-serving and trustworthy bookmakers. In terms of easy access, Melbet is one of the best betting sites in Nigeria and this is courtesy of the site’s excellent user interface.

Beyond the excellence of Melbet’s user interface, other features which make the site admirable are extended market coverage and multiple withdrawal/deposit options. Some of Melbet’s deposit/withdrawal options include credit/debit cards, e-wallets and bank cards.

Melbet came into existence in 2012 and has pulled appreciable popularity among African punters. The site paves the way for its customers (particularly newly registered users) to earn huge wins by offering them three welcome bonuses.

Visit melbet today here


Cloudbet (@CloudBetNG) | Twitter

This is undeniably the sports betting site best suited for punters who require cryptocurrencies for their transactions.

CloudBet offers a mobile app which is intended to help bettors have a better experience of CloudBet. In terms of market variety and bonus offers, CloudBet serves its users in a satisfactory capacity. Some of the site’s betting options include sports betting and casino betting.

CloudBet holds an edge over certain other sports betting sites and one of the reasons for this is the site’s comprehensive FAQs section. If you’re looking to overcome any issue while using the website, you may first toggle to the FAQs section. If the issue is listed therein, you’ll easily find the solution to it.

CloudBet is exclusively for bettors with crypto wallets with which they can make deposits and withdrawals. This is likely a major downside of CloudBet but frankly, the site makes up for the downside, thanks to its exciting bonuses and other offers. CloudBet’s 100% deposit bonus can translate into as many as 5 bitcoins which, in naira, is equivalent to 13.5million.

Visit Cloudbet today here


Hamabet betting: Review of Hamabet sportsbook

Hamabet might seem like a growing betting site but in reality, it is one of the Nigerian betting sites with top-notch features. The only noticeable downside of the site is its homepage which doesn’t look good enough.

The notable perks of Hamabet are its multiple deposit methods, excellent customer support, 100% first deposit bonus and a lovely gaming experience.

As regards deposit methods, the site supports Paystack, Interswitch and Rave. While Hamabet’s customer support features a live chat through which customers can quickly secure solutions to issues, the site’s offerings further include virtual games, casino betting, in-play sports betting and normal sports betting.

Hamabet is agreeably reliable and one of the pointers to this reliability is the site’s responsive customer support. In fact, the customer support is further equipped with an email medium that receives queries as mail and responds quickly to them.

Visit Hamabet today here


Football Prediction Website & Tips -Betloy

The football prediction website can carry out detailed analyses on various football matches, statistics, betting tips, and many others. They have multiple bet markets for a wide range of gamblers such as both teams to score, over 2.5 goals, 3.00 odds, etc.

The good thing about Betloy they also give information for other sports such as basketball, hockey, lawn tennis, and many others. Stakers have the opportunity to obtain betting predictions of over 35 league games.

Visit betloy today here


It is another football prediction website that punters can try to stake their money. Stakers can make use of adibet to their advantage to ensure they have good odds to stake their money. If you after good statistics for any game you want to stake using Adibet is another option or football prediction sites to bank on.

Visit Adibet today via this link


It is one of the best football prediction sites found in Nigeria. The site is easier for users to login on to the website to start staking their money. There are times people seem to confuse it for Users can do fast deposits, withdraw their profits, and also access the scores of live matches.

Visit Naijabet today here


betPawa UG- Log in, Registration, Free bet, Sign up (Bundibugyo, Uganda) | Registration, Betting, Sports betting

Thousands of people in Nigeria are login into the website to predict the outcome of football matches. Presently, their audience is increasing based on the kind of services they have on their website. There is a bet with the airtime feature and this makes it simple to user recharge cards to stake bet, and it makes them different from others out there.

Visit Betpawa today and start betting by clicking here

20.Winners Golden Bet

Mobile page

When this football prediction site came into existence, lots of punters patronize the website. There are various offline stores for punters to stake their money. Presently, their major focus is on their online platforms in which people are still predicting football matches.

Visit Winners Golden Bet by clicking here



We strongly believe that we’ve been able to provide you with vital/helpful information regarding football prediction sites as well as a comprehensive list of the 20 most accurate football prediction  sites for free football winning tips. Additionally, we’ve also exposed you to the top sport betting companies currently operating in Nigeria and Africa/Europe by extension. If you however doubt the reliability of any of the listed sites, you may visit the site and have a thorough look at its features.

It is very reckonable that some bettors have had unsatisfactory experiences with several betting companies. However, our research clarifies that the betting sites/companies discussed in this post constitute the best you can find in Nigeria.

In fact, they dominate the domain of sports betting companies in the country. They are duly licensed by the appropriate authorities and they have all maintained reliable track records.

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Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players in 2021 | Basketball’s Top Earners



With basketball being synonymous to a religion in America, it is inevitable that the fanatic appeal that this sport generates is matched by an equally humongous payroll to its stars. In this article we have compiled the 10 highest NBA stars in 2021.

The sums that will be given in this article are annual estimates of wages expressed in gross and were accounted by Forbes. These sums take into account income related to franchises and sponsors but do not take into account any contractual bonuses from players.

Want to be a basketball star, learn how to perfectly score a 3-pointer here.

Highest Paid NBA Players in 2021

10. Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers) = $39 million

While he is not among the best paid for his basketball income, his income from sponsors allows Damian Lillard to be among the highest paid basketball players on the planet. The majority of his sponsorship-related income comes from the Gatorade brand and his new drink Bolt24 of which he is the muse.

9. Chris Paul (Oklahoma City Thunder) = $40.1 million

While he has the 3rd biggest salary in the NBA, Chris Paul is not as bankable as other NBA players. Indeed, his 7 million advertising revenue is far from Kyrie Irving’s 17 million and Klay Thompson’s 15 million. That doesn’t stop him from being one of the highest paid players in the NBA.

8. Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets) = $ 43 million

Despite the fact that he is not among the top 10 best paid players for his basketball income, like Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving is still an icon of global basketball. His 17 million advertising revenue, obtained mainly from Nike and Pepsi, tell its own truth.

7. Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors) = $ 43.3 million

Injured to the Achilles tendon and absent from the basketball courts since the 2019 playoffs, Klay Thompson continues to sell without even punting a ball. Indeed, with 15 million in advertising revenue, he is one of the highest paid players in the NBA. His XXL contract with the Warriors is the major factor behind his 7th place on this ranking.

6. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks) = $ 49 million

Double MVP at only 26 years old, Giannis Antetokounmpo is already a world icon of this sport. Coming from a very disadvantaged background in Greece, his success and his career did not fail to interest the largest film industries. This is how Disney acquired the rights to make a film about the life of the world-renowned basketball player. Its sponsorship revenues therefore reach the sum of $ 22 million. A quite impressive figure, especially for a non-American.

5. James Harden (Brooklyn Nets) = $ 50 million

James Harden , who recently joined the Brooklyn Nets, is one of the league’s most expensive players. Indeed, he has a staggering salary commensurate with his talent. His 17 million advertising revenue makes him the 5th highest paid player in the NBA in 2021.

4. Russell Westbrook (Washington Wizards) = $ 58.1 million

Criticized but also adored, Russell Westbrook is a product and a name that is renowned being marketable, and for good reason. His contract with Nike pays him almost as much as his basketball income. In fact, he makes about 33 million in salary with the Wizards and 25 million in advertising revenue. He is therefore 4th in this ranking.

3. Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets) = $ 65.2 million

Considered by some to be the best player of the 2010s, Kevin Durant is also an icon of world basketball. Beyond his Nike-affiliated income, it is his investments in a start-up that allows him to have 34 million income related to sponsorship in 2021. Hats off!

2. Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) = $ 74.4 million

While he already has a huge contract with the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry is one of the NBA’s top earner because he is a most successful businessman. Indeed, with his collaboration with Audible (Amazon) and Unanimous Media, his production company, Stephen Curry already has his post-basketball reconversion. In addition, his contract with Under Armor is another laudable mouth-watering investment. All of his contracts and investments will allow him to earn $ 40 million in non-basketball income in 2021.

1. LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) = $ 95.4 million

Here is one of the richest sportsmen on the planet. LeBron James is paid at the height of his importance and legacy to basketball which has immortalised him as a model and icon. All of his qualities make him one of the most bankable products on the planet. The superstar’s release of a new Space Jam follows that made with Michael Jordan in 1996.

LeBron James is in a way Jordan’s heir for world basketball alongside the illustrious late Kobe Bryant. In any case, LeBron James is selling and his $ 64 million in income besides basketball is proof of that.


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Betgaranteed Sure Bets of the Day



Betgaranteed Sure Bets of the day. Here are our top predictions.

Betgaranteed Sure Prediction For Today, we have 5 accurate football predictions guaranteed to put money in your pocket on a daily basis.

Time League Match Tip
11:00 IND  Istiqlol Dushanbe – Khujand Over 1.5
13:00 EST Vaprus Parnu – Tulevik Viljandi Over 1.5
17:00 INT   FYR Macedonia – Netherlands Over 1.5
18:00 NOR Hodd 2 – Fram Larvik Over 1.5
18:00 NOR Oygarden – Rosenborg B Over 1.5

Want to learn how to predict yourself? Here are the best prediction sites in the world.


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Football Rules and Regulations You Need to Know in 2021



Whether it’s a World Cup final, the Premier League or an amateur match, the laws of the game of football are the same at all levels with the primary goal being to maintain fairness in the most popular sport practice in the world.

From offside to the equipment of the players, what are the rules of football?

The first rules and laws of football date back to 1863

  • It was in 1863 that the first official rules of football were created.
  • A few years later, in 1886, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) was created. It is made up of the four countries of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • The objective of this association is to ensure compliance with the laws of the game.
  • In 1913, FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football, joined the IFAB.

Safety of participants, integrity of the game, respect, these are the watchwords of the rules of the game.

Revision of the gaming laws by FIFA

In 2016, FIFA carried out a review of the Laws of the Game which resulted in a new official Laws of the Game 2018/2019 document one that governs the practice of football today.

National federations around the world are subject to these rules which have no other purpose than to preserve the spirit of the game.

What are the official dimensions of a football field?

Regarding the dimensions of the field, law 01 of football provides for a length of the touchline between 90m and 120m.

The goal line must be a minimum of 64m and a maximum of 75m. When it comes to international matches, these dimensions increase to between 100m-110m and 64m-75m respectively.

The land must be rectangular. It is divided into two halves marked by a center line. In the middle of this line is a circle with a radius of 9.15 m.

The dimensions of the football goal

Regarding football goals , the distance between the two posts is 7.32 m, while its height stands at 2.44 m.

Regulation of soccer balls

Law 02 of football asserts that the football must be spherical; with a circumference between 68 and 70 cm and a weight between 410 and 450 g at the start of the match.

Balls used in official competition matches must bear one of the following labels: FIFA Quality Pro, FIFA Quality, IMS International Match Standard.

This proves that they have been duly tested.

Rules relating to football teams

Law 03 of football refers to the players and the teams.

  • Each team must consist of a maximum of eleven players.
  • No match can continue if one of the teams has less than seven players.
  • If changes of players are planned, the name of the substitutes must be communicated to the referee before the start of the match.

Law 04 on players’ equipment authorises that no participant should wear anything dangerous, such as jewelry.

Mandatory equipment during a football match

Mandatory equipment includes: jersey with sleeves, shorts, socks, shin guards, shoes.

As for the referees, they must have a whistle, a watch of yellow and red cards and a notebook.

Video arbitration assistance is now authorized. For matches where it is implemented (official matches), a viewing room is compulsory.

It houses the video assistant referee as well as the technicians.

Player offside, offside ball: what does the football law say?

Law 09 provides that the ball is out of play in the following two cases:

  • when it has completely crossed the goal line or touchline
  • when play has been stopped by the referee.

In all other situations, the ball is in play.

As for the player’s offside position, it is declared when any part of the player’s body is closer to the opponent’s goal line than the ball and the penultimate opponent.

The referee then awards an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the place where the infringement was committed. This is only valid inside the opposition’s half.

Faults and improprieties in football

Direct, indirect free kicks and penalty kicks are awarded by the referee following infringements committed during the game. The direct free kick concerns the following situations:

  • Charge on the opponent
  • Jump on the opponent
  • Kick on an opponent, or even an attempt
  • Pushing an opponent
  • Hitting or trying to hit an opponent
  • Tackle an opposing player
  • Tripping an opponent, or just trying

As for the indirect free kick, it is signaled for the following faults:

  • Playing in a dangerous way
  • Obstructing the opponent without contact
  • Preventing the opposing goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands

The faults punishable by a warning, yellow card or red card, relate to the following infractions:

  • Delaying the resumption of play
  • Showing blatant disapproval
  • Deliberately leaving the pitch without the referee’s permission
  • Not respecting the legal distance when taking a corner, a free kick or a throw-in
  • Adopt unsportsmanlike behavior

Law on Penalty

A penalty kick  is awarded in the following cases:

  • If the player commits a fault punishable by a direct free kick in his own penalty area
  • If the player commits an offense punishable by a direct free kick outside the field and within the framework of the game

When taking the penalty shoot-out, all players other than the shooter and the goalkeeper must be at least 9.15m from the penalty spot and outside the penalty area.

The Football Goal

Finally, since playing football means scoring goals, Law 10 of football provides that a goal is scored when the ball has completely crossed the goal line between the posts and under the crossbar.

The winning team is the one that has scored the most goals. Otherwise, the match is declared a draw

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